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    Overview of Xiangya Hospital Central South University

    Founded in 1906 and located in Changsha, Xiangya Hospital Central South University is a Class-A Grade-3 (top level in China) general hospital under directly supervision of the National Health Commission, an affiliated hospital of Central South University directly under the Ministry of Education, and an important center for clinical care, medical education and scientific and technological innovation in China. It enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad for its superior techniques of diagnosis and treatment, outstanding scientific and educational strength, and profound cultural background.

    Century-old Xiangya Originated from Yale University

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the establishment of the Yale-China Association by alumni of Yale University took an important step in running hospitals and schools in China. In 1906, American medical doctor Edward H. Hume (1876-1957) was appointed to China by the Yale-China Association and founded Yale Hospital in Xipailou Street, Changsha. In 1914, entrusted by the Hunan provincial government, the Yuqun Society collaborated with the Yale-China Association in setting up Xiangya Medical School, the first higher medical education institution jointly established by China and the United States. Yale Hospital was then renamed Hsiangya Hospital. “Hsiang” is the abbreviation of Hunan and “ya” is the transliteration of Yale.

    Strengthen the Country through Medicine, and Forge Ahead 

    with No Fear of Difficulties

    Since its inception, Xiangya Hospital has integrated the highest European and American standards into the philosophy of running the hospital. Starting from an old building in Xipailou Street, Changsha, it has evolved into a well-known general hospital in China after years of hard work and progress, fostering a number of modern medical masters, including Zhang Xiaoqian, one of the first group of academy members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a famous medical scientist hailed as the “leading authority of Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Xiangya Hospital”, world-renowned medical microbiologist Tang Feifan, and Sino-US exchange envoy Li Zhenpian.

    After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xiangya Hospital has unswervingly safeguarded the people’s health, persevered in overcoming difficult and severe diseases, and become the first in many areas in China: the first hospital treating fasciolopsis infection with traditional Chinese medicine, the first hospital making a definite diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma by needle biopsy, the first hospital carrying out allogeneic heterotopic hepatic transplantation, the first hospital practicing allogeneic single lung transplantation under extracorporeal circulation, the first hospital performing total pelvic exenteration via laparoscope, the first hospital performing intraspinal subdural schwannoma excision under endoscope, the first hospital performing repair surgery for severely burned hand by retaining denatured dermis and transplanting large pieces of autologous skin, the first hospital performing thoracoabdominal aortic artificial blood vessel replacement based on left heart bypass, etc., which have greatly enhanced the development of medical undertakings. Xiangya has occupied leading position domestically in the research, diagnosis and treatment of neurological tumors, neurodegenerative diseases, melanoma, osteoarthritis, microsurgery, etc.

    For over 110 years, Xiangya people has made tremendous contributions to the development of western medicine in China with their persistent ambition, noble characteristics, rigorous style and superb skills. 

    Stay True to the Original Aspiration, and Strive for Excellence

    After entering the new era, Xiangya Hospital has followed the school (hospital) motto of “Fairness, Bravery, Diligence, Prudence, Honesty, Love, Humbleness, Integrity, Truth, Precision, Profoundness and Professionalism”, adhered to the ethos of “Rigorousness, Truth, Unity and Progressiveness”, and made great progress in medical services, discipline building, talent training, scientific and technological innovation, etc. With overall strength ranking among the top in all the Chinese public hospitals, it is highly praised and trusted by the people.

    Xiangya has remarkable capability in clinical diagnosis and treatment. Covering a gross floor area of 510,000 m2 and with 3,500 beds registered, it received 2.96 million outpatients and emergency visits, discharged 138,000 inpatients, and performed 74,000 operations in 2018. There are 88 clinical and medical technology departments including sub-specialty departments, 75 inpatient wards and 100 nursing units. It has 7 national-level key disciplines and 25 national-level key clinical specialties, with several specialties ranking among the top in China in terms of diagnosis and treatment levels and scientific and technological influence, such as neurology, neurosurgery, dermatology, orthopedics, respiratory medicine, and geriatrics. Equipped with a large number of advanced medical equipment such as PET-CT, MRI, digital subtraction angiography (DSA), TOMO, BrainLab neuronavigational system, the first Buzz digital operating room in Southeast Asia, etc., Xiangya leads the country in terms of diagnosis and treatment conditions and levels.

    Xiangya has a high-caliber team of medical talents, including 4,656 technical personnel (659 with senior technical titles). 81.05% of physicians hold a doctoral degree. Currently there are 152 doctoral supervisors, 386 master’s supervisors, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 29 state-level talent program winners, 2 state-level outstanding teachers, 6 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions recognized by the National Health Commission, 71 professors enjoying special allowance of the State Council and 11 teachers supported by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University launched by the Ministry of Education.

    Xiangya has extraordinary medical education strength. With a complete degree education and continuing education system for standardized training of medical undergraduates, graduate students, visiting students, and resident doctors, it was selected as one of the first national demonstration centers for clinical teaching and training and one of the first members of China Consortium of Elite Teaching Hospitals for Residency Education. It is now offering 4 national quality open courses and 1 national quality open video course. Xiangya has won the special award in the national clinical skills competition for medical students. It has regularly undertaken the task of training national medical talents in western China.

    Xiangya is in the leading position with its high level of scientific and technological innovation. It has 3 national scientific research platforms, namely the National Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases, the International Joint Research Center for Medical Metabolomics and the State-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Anti-cancer Drug, and 31 key laboratories and research centers at the provincial and ministerial levels. It also chief-edits and publishes 8 national medical journals and 1 English journal. The scientific achievements led by Academician Zhou Honghao won the Second Prize for National Progress in Science and Technology in 2018. In the past five years, Xiangya has been approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for 462 projects in addition to 2,060 scientific research projects of various types, the research fund totaling RMB 650 million. It has won 54 national and provincial science and technology achievement awards and 302 patents. It also published 2,262 SCI-cited papers and related achievements were published in Science, JAMA and other international famous journals as first (corresponding) author organization.

    Persist in Activities of Public Benefit, and Manifest True Quality

    As a public hospital, Xiangya Hospital sees giving as a priority. It takes the lead in building a six-in-one “Xiangya Model” health alliance by integrating “cooperative hospital running, collaborative guidance, remote guidance, specialty alliance, aviation medical alliance, and regional integrated medical system”, and it is the first hospital establishing an  internet hospital for dermatology in China. By promoting easier access to quality medical resources, it is growing stronger in leading the improvement of the regional medical level.

    With love and concern for people’s health and well-being, Xiangya people have shown their sense of responsibility in poverty alleviation, assistance to specific areas, aid to border areas and foreign countries, earthquake relief, etc. Over the past years, Xiangya established and sent 14 national medical teams to Bijie, Guizhou Province and Diqing, Yunnan Province for national tour medical missions, led the establishment of two groups of emergency medical teams for fighting Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, and took the lead in building the national mobile treatment center for health emergency. As a hospital titled “Top 100 Hospital in China” and “Trustworthy Demonstration Hospital”, it has been praised and recognized by the Party and state leaders.

    Strive toward a First-class Hospital

    After a century of glories, Xiangya Hospital will continue to pursue truth in medicine and draw another great picture. Under the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and with Party building as the guide, discipline construction as the core, talent training as the focus, technological innovation as the breakthrough, the establishment of a modern hospital management system as the supporting measure, and the development of Xiangya culture as the pillar, Xiangya Hospital will follow the Party’s guidelines on health and education in a new era, continue to focus on the people’s health and pursue the goal of building a “double first-class” university to make comprehensive moves in driving the coordinated development of medical care, teaching, scientific research, management, and social services in line with Party building, further enhance patients’ satisfaction and employees’ well-being, and significantly raise the discipline level and Xiangya’s reputation. In addition, it will strive to make itself an excellent, intelligent, beautiful, humane, peaceful and happy Xiangya Hospital and a Xiangya-style world-class hospital to the satisfaction of the people while joining in the great journey of realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

    (Data as of July 2019)

    Xiangya Hospital Central South University
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